Our standard rate is $45 for lessons that take place in your home, and $40 for lessons that take place in one of our school locations. You will receive invoices for your lessons via email from our secure payment software called Quickbooks. You can enter and save your payment information online with this software. We never charge for missed lessons, even if you have to cancel last minute for illness or a mistake. We do ask for as much notice as possible please. Because we only charge for lessons that happen, we bill for each lesson individually. No late fees, and if you happen to miss a payment you will get an automated reminder. E-check is currently our only accepted form of payment.


Once you have agreed upon a time with your instructor we will honor that time for the duration of the school year. Because we are traveling acts, we do ask for some flexibility though. It is best if our instructors can arrive up to 10 minutes either early or late. We try hard to make sure that lessons are scheduled at the correct times based on our drives, but we often stay after a lesson to chat with a parent and provide feedback and of course traffic varies a great deal in our area. We won’t be shy about asking you to switch times for a week or even permanently. When students cancel for illness or discontinue we try to keep our schedules efficient. If you cannot make the change, please don’t feel pressured to do so. We will honor the time you agreed upon for the entire school year. At the start of the summer and school year, we usually need to reset our schedules to accommodate all our clients and keep our driving reasonable.